Bangalore to host country’s first ‘legalise marijuana’ meet

30 years of marijuana being illegal, India now for Marijuana Legalisation Movement

With several countries in the world, including Uruguay and some states in the USA, legalising marijuana (cannabis), the movement has finally found a foothold in India. The first-ever conference in India for the legalisation of Marijuana will be held in Bengaluru on May 10, although the venue is yet to be finalised.

The Great Indian Legalisation Movement will organise Medical Cannabis Conferences across four cities - Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi on consecutive weekends in May. The seating has been limited to 200 people for the Bengaluru conference.

Organised by Viki Vaurora, a 23-year-old musician and recording engineer, the event will focus on the medicinal properties of the plant.

"Countries like Israel and Netherlands have been researching the medicinal value of the plant for years. It has proven to help people with cancer, diabetes, leukaemia and bipolar disorder....

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