Ten Ways Marijuana Testing Can Go Wrong

10 Ways Cannabis Testing Can Go Wrong

Written by Jason Wilson, Laboratory Technologist for Kenevir Research

There is a lot of skepticism in the cannabis community toward laboratories. The purpose of this article is to show how cannabis testing can go wrong, in order to help educate and empower people so they can recognize suspect results or methods and find a lab that produces results they can trust.

1) Residue Buildup in Analytical Instruments aka “ghost peaks”

One way that an instrument can produce bogus results is through residue buildup in the machine. When repeated analyses are performed, residues build up in the machine, eventually leading to highly exaggerated results. This is why regular tuning and maintenance of laboratory instruments is absolutely necessary for ensuring quality control.

2) Incompetence

Just because a machine produces a number and someone reports it, that does not ensure the validity of the result. The...

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