Michigan poll shows 51% support for marijuana legalization, taxation and regulation

LANSING, MI — A small majority of Michigan voters support the legalization of recreational marijuana, according to the results of a new statewide poll, but many Republicans and older voters remain opposed.

The Marketing Resource Group survey of 600 likely voters revealed 51 percent support for legalizing marijuana "if it was regulated and taxed like alcohol." Another 45 percent of respondents were opposed.

The live operator poll, conducted April 13 through 17, included a mix of landline and cell phone calls.

The results come as at least three separate groups are eyeing possible 2016 ballot proposals to tax and regulate marijuana. One of those groups, headed by two well-known Oakland County Republicans, has talked about regulating the drug "like alcohol."

The poll question did not describe Michigan's current regulatory system for alcohol, which involves a three-tiered system of suppliers, wholesale distributors and retailers.

Support for legalization was highest amongst Democrats...

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