A letter to Her Majesty the Queen Regarding Cannabis Extracts

On March 20th, 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments for and against medical cannabis derivative products becoming legally available to authorized patients.  The courtroom was filled with supporters while many others watched in the overflow rooms and on the CPAC live stream.  The entire proceeding was recorded and is available to view online on the Cannabis Digest Youtube page. Floating on the screen during the webcast was “Her Majesty the Queen vs. Owen Edward Smith”. Despite this sport scoreboard like opposition displayed for the audience at home, Queen Elizabeth II had about as much influence on the unfolding of our case as the Unicorn on the coat of arms above the judges heads.


from an image by Gary Wintle

However, If she knew more about this situation, I doubt that Her Royal Highness would concur with her counsel. If...

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