Even Fox News Shows Majority Of Americans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

A majority of Americans support legalizing recreational marijuana, a Fox News poll revealed Monday. (Yes, that Fox News.)

The Fox poll marks the first time the news organization has found majority support for the issue since it began asking the question. It's also the latest in a string of recent polls that have, for the first time in their histories, found majority support for legalization.

When asked if they "favor or oppose legalizing marijuana," 51 percent of registered American voters surveyed nationwide said that they favor legalization.


It's a very small uptick from a similar question Fox News asked last year, which found 50 percent support. But it's a significant jump from the only 26 percent support the poll found in 2001, and it illustrates the dramatic shift in public opinion that the issue has seen over the years.

Earlier this month, CBS News found...

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