Does marijuana have nutritional benefits?

With all the recent talk of marijuana being beneficial to health, I want to know of its nutritional benefits. Also, how can I adjust my diet to move out of my weight loss plateau phase?

Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flower, stem and seed of the hemp plant, cannabis sativa, which is indigenous to central and south Asia. Recently, there has been more interest in it in Jamaica and the world. The smokers want more of it, the scientists want it, and pharmaceutical companies want to get more medicinal value from it. Overall cannabis has now become the subject of discussions around the world.

Those in favour of legalisation say that the benefits of this plant far outweigh the fact that it is smoked. Those against legalisation argue that marijuana is addictive and has hallucinogenic properties. However, in the middle of all this madness, the nutritional value of cannabis...

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