Growing Pains: Can Seattle Become A Marijuana Tourism Mecca?

When Washington state legalized recreational marijuana use last July, Seattle’s tourism industry saw a new opportunity. Could Seattle become a hub for pot tourism, with eager visitors piling into local hotels and Airbnbs for an opportunity to try some of that famous Pacific Northwest weed? The answer, in a word: yes. But not without a struggle.

Before Seattle could become another Amsterdam, local businesspeople and tourism agencies had to (and still do) deal with some unexpected issues. Building a marijuana tourism mecca, it turns out, isn’t as simple as sparking up a spliff.

So How Does This Legal Recreational Marijuana Thing Work, Anyway?

In Seattle, the epicenter of Washington’s tourism industry, marijuana is legal to buy in small quantities for personal use. But it’s new for both government and entrepreneurs, so the situation is, in many ways, uncertain.

A guide for marijuana smokers put out by Seattle’s city government says...

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