Father of Alabama teen with autism wants medical marijuana opponents to reconsider

Monday wasn't a very good day for 13-year-old Mary Ann Coleman who suffers from low-functioning autism.

The report sent home from Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center where Mary Ann attends day school shows she tried to hurt herself 337 times Monday while at school or riding the bus, her father Mark Coleman said. That number has been as high as 800; a typical day though is about 40.

"(Mary Ann) scratches herself to the point where she bleeds," he said. "She hits herself upside the ear. She pulls her hair out. She slams her head into the wall .... She has gone through my bay window. She had gone through two windows at school."

Coleman, of Alabaster, doesn't know if medical marijuana would help calm his daughter, but he wants Alabama lawmakers to, at least, let her try it to see if it can bring her some relief.

"I promise her doctor would...

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