Ecuadorian Activists Want Nothing Less than Universal Marijuana

Ecuador’s National Assembly is currently debating the Organic Law on Comprehensive Drug Prevention, which could decriminalize drugs like marijuana.

Ecuador may be on the verge of a landmark shift in drug policy, as legislators debate the newly proposed Organic Law on Comprehensive Drug Prevention. The initiative, promoted by the ruling party PAIS Alliance, opens the door for legalization, and could spell the beginning of the end for the War on Drugs in Ecuador.

The PanAm Post spoke with Gabriel Buitrón, spokesman for Cannabis Ecuador (Ecuador Cannábico), an organization founded in 2008 for the purpose of studying marijuana and providing information on its various uses to Ecuadorian society. For the last six years, they have organized the Global Marijuana March in Quito, and have been very vocal about the bill currently being discussed in the National Assembly.

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