Is medical marijuana acceptable in the workplace?

Medical marijuana use continues to grow in Canada which has led to questions about whether it's appropriate to take it at work.

"There's still a lot of stigmatization out there," said employment lawyer David Whitten.  

"A lot of people are basing their thoughts and ideas on movies that came out in the '80s. We've come a long way since then and it's recognized just like any other medication," Whitten told CBC Radio.

Although Whitten said employers need to be more flexible when it comes to allowing workers to use weed at work, he does acknowledge there are occasions when an employer can ask a worker not to take their medicine.

"If somebody's in a safety sensitive position and there is medical evidence that their abilities are compromised by the use of medical marijuana, then an employer may be able to justify taking a position that that person can't smoke here because they are going...

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