Olympic snowboarding champion Ross Rebagliati touts pot as performance enhancing drug

TORONTO — Ross Rebagliati had just finished smoking his seventh joint of the day. But he was not high, he said, or stoned, or baked or whatever else one might assume another human being would be after smoking their seventh joint of the day — by 3:30 pm.

“I am just keeping an even keel,” Rebagliati said, adding that cannabis use is all about individual tolerance and dosing. Smoke or eat too much and a user risks feeling anxious, or paranoid. But the 1998 Olympic snowboarding champion who rocketed to fame in Nagano for winning the gold — before rocketing to infamy for testing positive for marijuana afterwards — definitely wasn’t paranoid. He was kicking back against a brick wall, and puffing away, in clear view of a Toronto streetcar stop while an immense cloud of marijuana smoke hovered over nearby Dundas Square.

The Whistler, B.C., resident had come east to add...

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