Marijuana advocates light up Victoria Park

Paul stood apart from the second annual 420 Rally held in Brantford's Victoria Park on Monday.

The diminutive man didn't stand with the crowd of a few hundred, chant about being high, wear a Canadian cannabis flag on his back or protest the laws against the plant's use, but he supports many of the ideas behind the movement.

"I'm happy there are events like this," he said. "I want to see it legalized, especially for medical use."

Paul admitted to using marijuana recreationally "once in a while."

Other than using marijuana, one of the few things Paul had in common with many of the other people at the rally was that he didn't want his full name used in the media. No one wanted to be charged criminally for using a plant they say brings them harmless relief from pain and sickness.

Even Jacob, a young man sitting on a...

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