What I Learned at the DEA Museum

As Americans celebrate 4/20, pot culture's answer to Octoberfest, I'm getting pelted with questions about the growing legalization movement. What's the new pot like? What are you telling your kids? Right. I get those questions. But mainly I hear this one: Why is legalization happening now? 

Until recently, I cited two factors. First, the emergence of the Internet offered widespread access to scientific studies and counter-narratives that debunked the government's Reefer Madness line. Second, medical marijuana served as a 20-year pilot project that calmed the fears of a worried nation. Dispensaries opened, weed was openly sold, and the pillars of civilization did not crumble. 

A few days ago, I added a third factor. It came after a visit to the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum outside Washington, D.C. 

The DEA Museum isn't an A-list attraction. It doesn't draw the crowds of the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. But the DEA's hall...

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