South Africa: A Case For The Legal Regulation of Cannabis

On the 9th and 10th of April 2015, along with medical colleagues from Cape Town, I was invited to make a presentation at a conference in Gauteng titled,Cannabis for Medicine: Yes or No. The conference was organised by the Department of Social Development and the Central Drug Authority and was the government’s first invitation for the public to give their inputs regarding the proposed legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes.

Apart from employees from the two government departments, the conference was attended by approximately 100 delegates who represented a divergent range of views on the subject of medical cannabis and its proposed legalisation. Amongst the delegates were those who were undecided on the issue, those who supported only the legalisation of medical cannabis but not its legalisation for recreational purposes, and those who argued for the full legalisation of the cannabis plant. 

Apart from a number of academics and health...

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