Marijuana critic praises Minnesota's 'limited' program

Kevin Sabet speaks Tuesday during a keynote address on marijuana legalization at the annual Police Chiefs’ Conference in St. Cloud.(Photo: Dave Schwarz, Photo

Police chiefs from around Minnesota heard a case against the legalization of marijuana Tuesday from a former White House drug policy adviser.

As the summer opening of the state's medical marijuana program approaches, Kevin Sabet, a former senior adviser at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, spoke at the annual Police Chiefs' Conference in St. Cloud about the dangers of making the drug's use legal.

Sabet praised the lobbying efforts of law enforcement officials that resulted in a restrictive law that prohibits the smoking of marijuana — allowing medicinal use only in the form of pills, oil or liquid — and allowing prescription for fewer than 10 conditions.

"I think the damage will be limited because the program is limited," Sabet said after his...

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