Green Chips: African American Investment in Marijuana Marketplace

It's Saturday morning at an "entrepreneurship retreat" at a hotel in Aurora, Colorado, just outside Denver - well, that's what the sign in the lobby reads anyway.

The word "marijuana" is conspicuously absent from the marquee.

Audience members stare intently as Charles Adams saunters up to the podium. The lights don't dim, but it feels like they should, as hip-hop beats begin thumping through the speakers. The sound fills up the conference room, set up like a typical business event: pitchers filled with ice water rest atop the rows of long narrow tables, set alongside freebie notepads and pens ready for impromptu note taking. Carafes of coffee and baskets of blueberry muffins sit on a table in the rear of the room, as the attendees dressed in a mix of suits and business casual attire, await the conclusion of his dramatic opening.

On cue rapper Eminem's voice comes in, loud...

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