The Best 4/20 Tourism Spots Around the Globe

The origin of 420 is a little hazy, but in the past 50 years 420 has gone from being a legend about a group of California high school students to a full-blown stoner holiday celebrated around the world. There are best bud competitions, smokeouts in parks and appearances by Snoop Dogg. As more places have legalized recreational marijuana, the 420 celebrations have only gotten bigger and better. These are five of the world’s best.



It’s 420! The Best Pot Tourism Spots Around the Globe

Pot souvenirs at the Denver airport. (Photo: Brennan Linsley/AP)

Denver is the new Amsterdam, and the Mile High city is now the best place in the world to celebrate 4/20. Denver hosts a rally in downtown and the three-day High Times Cannabis Cup — the biggest 4/20 party on earth. 

The Cannabis Cup used

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