Ten Things You Need to Know About the Cannabis Cup

The 2015 Cannabis Cup is happening now and enthusiasts from all across the country have flocked to Colorado for the big day. And this year’s Cup should be one of the biggest, wildest and most talked-about cannabis celebrations of all time. 303 caught up with Dan Skye, Editor-In-Chief of High Times magazine and the man behind the Cannabis Cup, to talk about all things Colorado, weed, and 4/20. Here are ten pieces of knowledge you should definitely have before heading out to party this year.

1. The cup has been growing exponentially since legalization, and this is the biggest year yet.

The Cannabis Cup first got started in San Fransisco in 2010, and then moved to Colorado in 2011. “We wanted to bring the Cannabis Cup from Amsterdam to the US and obviously when we first did it everything was still medical,” Skye stated. “Both states are places where there were strong medical programs,...

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