Should dagga be legal?

Today isn’t just any Monday – it’s April 20th. Despite the large number of South Africans who celebrate 420, marijuana is illegal in South Africa. Here are some views on the legalisation of cannabis in South Africa.

According to Jeremy Acton, the leader of The Dagga Party of South Africa, cannabis can be used as an energy resource and as an alternative to fossil fuels. “South Africa is on the edge of an irreversible energy and resource crisis that could easily be alleviated by legalising cannabis to allow megascale production of carbon as an alternative to fossil carbon,” Acton said to Connect.

Marijuana also has medical benefits. According to Acton, it can help those with Parkinson’s Disease and reduces blood pressure. “We should all have ample access to the seed oil as a nutritional health supplement, as the seed oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in perfect balance...

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