Over 120 New Yorkers admitted to ER in ONE WEEK after smoking synthetic marijuana


It has been linked to deaths across the country and left others critically ill.

Now New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a state health alert that the synthetic marijuana product known as 'Spice' is sweeping the city, and that 160 people have been hospitalized in nine days after using the drug.

Over 120 of those people were admitted to Emergency Rooms in the same week.

The cannabinoid, also commonly called 'K2' or 'Mojo', is predominantly abused by teenagers and typically sold over-the-counter as incense or potpourri. 

State health alert: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday that 'Spice', also known as 'K2' or 'Mojo', is sweeping the city, with 160 people admitted to hospital in the nine days from April 8, 120 of them in one week

'Synthetic drugs are anything but harmless, and this rash of severe health emergencies across the state is direct proof,' Governor Cuomo...

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