Marijuana activists call on London police to drop zero-tolerance policy on 420

Marijuana activists are asking London police not to harsh their buzz Monday.

But police say anyone who lights up at a protest in Victoria Park could end up locked up.

The warning comes as pot proponents in cities around the globe, including London, prepare to celebrate cannabis culture on April 20, an annual day known as 420.

Organizers of London’s demonstration in Victoria Park are calling on police to drop the zero-tolerance policy enforced in the past.

“The zero-tolerance policy is expensive, unnecessary and increases the risk to public safety,” organizer Eric Shepperd said.

“It’s only going to cause more harm.”

For the past four years London police have dispatched dozens of officers, both uniformed and plainclothes, to Victoria Park to keep close watch on the protesters advocating for marijuana to be legalized. Anyone caught sparking up without a medical licence has been charged on the spot.

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