Marijuana 101: The key facts and questions

If you want to talk about marijuana, you need to speak the language. We've laid out some key phrases and questions that come up frequently in the marijuana debate.


Marijuana: The dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate (female) cannabis plant that yield THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): The principal active chemical in marijuana that supplies its narcotic and psychoactive effects.

Hemp: A cannabis plant containing very low amounts of THC, generally grown for its fiber.

Strains: Varieties of marijuana containing specific characteristics such as certain THC levels, physical effects, smells and colors.

Medical marijuana: Marijuana used to treat documented medical issues. In states where medical use is legal, users must have a doctor's authorization to purchase the drug.

Recreational marijuana: Marijuana used for non-medical purpose. Recreational use is legal in the states of Colorado, Washington and Alaska as well as the District of Columbia. Recreational use will be legal...

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