APRIL 20: The World Cannabis Day

Every year on April 20 to celebrate marijuana friends tag cannabis. On this date around the world known as 420-Day, Weed-Day or World Marijuana Day people arrange to get "high" in public together.

Traditionally, a joint is ignited at exactly 16.20 o`clock. In many countries laws are very publicly broken on this day. It is a political statement that is intended by cannabis supporters too.

Enlightenment on World Cannabis Day

April 20 is used to move the social focus increasingly to cannabis. Therefore, information sessions on the medical use of the plant will take place often on this day. In addition, advocates committed to decriminalization of marijuana.

Origin unknown

And in many countries worldwide. The day is extremely popular with students, where it has its origins, however, they are not clearly understood. Numerous myths and legends tell about the origin.

Myths and legends around the 420-Day

So it is speculated whether "420" using the relatively...

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