Everly Family Frustrated Over Status Of Medical Marijuana In Iowa

Their daughter's situation may cause them to move from their home. Everly, IA (ABC9 News) - For 13 years, Mike and Tammi Heuk have made adjustments to their home and lives for their daughter Shelby. Their cabinets are full of medicine, their van is specially equipped for Shelby, and they've spent 9-thousand dollars on a chair-system to help get her up the stairs. "Just about everything is planned around her and her needs," said Tammi Heuk, mother of Shelby.

Shelby suffers from cortical dysplasia, which causes her to have severe seizures multiple times a day, sometimes as many as 30. Her parents say they give her 25 different pills a day,7 days a week to stop the seizures from happening.   "We've tried different combinations of a lot of different drugs," said Mike Heuk, father of Shelby.

Now they say they're last ray of hope is cannabis oil. "There's other states...

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