CANNABIS - MEDICINE OR MENACE: Psychology Prof Philip Murphy

When someone says they are taking black market cannabis to help with health problems, Prof Philip Murphy likens it to “a bit like pouring yourself a glass of whisky for medicinal purposes”.

Prof Murphy, who is head of psychology at Edge Hill University, has worked professionally in drug misuse since 1984 and has carried out extensive research into how the misuse of cannabis and ecstasy impairs cognitive performance such as memory and its effect on mood disturbances. 

However, although he against the legalisation of cannabis and its use recreationally, he believes there is political confusion which has hampered it being used to produce beneficial medication.

He explains: “I am opposed to the legalisation of cannabis. But I am perfectly happy to see cannabinoids prescribed as medication. I think there is confusion surrounding this at a political level.

“There is a fear among politicians that they will be seen to have...

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