An Uber for weed: the start-up that's totally dope

“Uber for weed”: now that's an elevator pitch. Concise, contemporary, cool... If I had a few million quid stashed behind the sofa, that’s a start-up I’d invest in. An online business that’s not dependent on advertising! A user-base so stewed they’ll pay a premium to avoid crossing the street!

Except, of course, such an investment made here in Britain would bring the boys in blue round to your premises faster than you could say, “I can’t be around people right now. Are my eyes red? I’m starving.”

In California, however - land of healthy living, movie magic and medical marijuana - just such a business has secured no less than $10m. The investors, it emerged this week, include Snoop Dogg: rapper, drug criminal and sometime star of insurance comparison commercials.

Eaze, the “Uber for weed” start-up that’s receiving Snoop’s

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