420 Friendly: 13 Quotes For Those Who Blaze It On Marijuana Appreciation Day

For all those that celebrate 4/20, read these quotes from more supporters.

It's the twentieth day of April ya'll! You know what that means, don't you? It's 4/20 or as many call it, "Weed Day" or "Marijuana Appreciation Day." The day came to be during the 70s when a group of people from San Rafael, California that called themselves the Waldo's went on a search for a cannabis crop they found out about. The group decided they would meet at the Louis Pasteur statue on the San Rafael High School campus as their meeting spot right at 4:20pm. The referred to their plan as "4:20 Louis," but after multiple attempts at locating the crop, they simply called it "4:20."

The phrase became popular after Steven Hagar, editor of High Times magazine, who was responsible of bringing the Waldos’ story to a national audience. Hager also attributed the...

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