Swedish politician calls for legal cannabis shops

Sweden is famous for its highly regulated state monopoly on alcohol, with the 'Systembolaget' chain the only liquor store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages. But a similar scheme could be created to legalize the sale of cannabis, if a Swedish youth politician has her way. It's an unlikely possibility but the idea's triggered a strong debate.

Hanna Wagenius, chairwoman of Sweden's Centre Party's youth wing, told The Local on Wednesday that Sweden should take its lead from several places around the world which have legalized the drug, such as the Netherlands and a number of US states.

“The Global Commission on Drugs, which is headed by Kofi Annan, advocates this. It is not a controversial position, at least not internationally. But in Sweden we have been raised to think that the whole of our civilization will fall apart if we legalize it, even though that is not the case,” she...

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