Top 10 Marijuana Industry Red Herrings

A red herring is “something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue.” Sad to say the marijuana industry has more than its fair share of red herrings, including the ten that are most prevalent these days:

  • Federal enforcement memos mean the Feds are taking it easy on the marijuana industry. We wish this were true of these memos, but it is not. Witness what the Feds just recently did to the Kettle Falls Five. The Feds continue to be active in states like California which maintain loose medical marijuana laws. Plus, federal agencies other than the Department of Justice do not care at all about the DOJ enforcement memos. For example, the IRS, the USPTO, and the Department of Treasury all continue to take relatively tough tacks with the marijuana industry. Most importantly, these memos do not legally mean a thing. They are meant to guide individual
  • ...
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