Shawn DeNae: The Exhausting Work of A Cannabis Business Advocate

Advocating for cannabis reform is energy consuming business.  I’m tired and I’m not alone.

When I became involved in late 2010, I fed off the intense enthusiasm and passion of the cannabis community.  There was a huge push to get an medical marijuana bill passed and via a miracle, SB5073 passed both the House and Senate in April 2011 and went to the Governor’s office where it was gutted and we have been fighting to regain ground ever since.

A variety of lawyers helped us navigate how to continue to bring safe medicine to patients under the convoluted ‘Collective Garden’ model that survived in 5073.  The tide of Initiative 502 was coming and we desperately wanted medical to have solid ground before recreational weed came into being.

My first demonstration in the Spring of 2012 was on the steps of the Obama headquarters in Seattle with the Coalition for Cannabis...

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