'The promise of marijuana' may no longer save Washington's health centers

The House and Senate budget proposals would divert marijuana taxes to the general fund instead of to non-profit community health centers that serve the uninsured.

A key part of Washington state's recreational marijuana initiative I-502 is a tax on legal marijuana. Five percent of that tax was meant to fund the state's cash-strapped community health centers.

But neither the Senate Republicans nor House Democrats have called for that in their budgets, which were revealed at the end of March.

The Senate Republicans' recently proposed budget diverts marijuana taxes — nearly $300 million — to the general fund and mentions using those funds instead for education. The House Democrats' budget isn't much better for health centers. While the Democrats' budget does call for more funding for these health centers, that money would go support Medicaid programs instead of coverage for the uninsured.

That's bad news for nonprofit community health...

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