This New Study Is Bad News if You're a Marijuana Supporter

Marijuana legalization may not be a top priority of Congress or President Obama, but the American public is certainly doing its best to make it apparent that marijuana is an important issue.

We've seen a complete transformation of the American public's opinion of marijuana and even individual state law over the past two decades. What once was an illegal substance in all 50 states is now legal from the aspect of medical purposes in 23 states, and legal from a recreational, adult-use standpoint in four states.

The driving force behind marijuana's expansion
Opinion concerning marijuana among the public has been the driving force, with Gallup's and the General Social Survey's latest marijuana opinion polls suggesting that, for the first time ever, a majority of the public favors the legalization of marijuana. In polls that separate the idea of medical marijuana legalization from recreational legalization, medical marijuana typically boasts a...

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