Michigan Lawmakers slow to facilitate distribution of healthcare marijuana

Michigan voters legalized healthcare marijuana in 2010 but legislators nevertheless struggle to agree on terms for licensing and regulating healthcare marijuana dispensaries.

Watching police and policymakers contend with shifting public attitudes toward marijuana would be downright comical if the lives and liberty of so lots of persons weren't hanging in the balance.

The velocity of that shift has been breathtaking. As not too long ago as Bill Clinton's tenure as president, every single state in the union prohibited the sale of marijuana for any purpose. Currently, 32 states (and the District of Columbia) permit medical doctors to prescribe it for a wide assortment of health-related troubles.

4 other states have approved recreational sales. Washington and Colorado, with populations half the size of Michigan's, are every on track to gather about half a billion dollars in marijuana-associated tax revenue this year.

Michigan voters authorized healthcare marijuana by a substantial margin in...

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