Michael Wileniec files human rights complaint to use medical marijuana at school

A Saskatoon student is taking a medical marijuana complaint to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission after his school wouldn't let him use it on its property.

Michael Wileniec, 21, suffers from a rare bone condition called hereditary multiple exostoses. His body produces bone bumps which interfere with movement and pinch his nerves.

He told Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski that he is in pain much of the time. He has a prescription for medical marijuana, but his high school, Nutana Collegiate, won't let him smoke it at school.

Saskatoon Public Schools has asked Wileniec to drive home to smoke his prescription if he feels pain. So far, the school has denied his request to use a vaporizer in the nurse's room.

 "They're not allowing me to be like every other person who has to take their prescription," he said. "I don't feel I should have to suffer on my drive home."...

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