Mile High City: Denver Prepares For Annual Marijuana Tourists As '420' Quickly Approaches

Denver, the Mile High City, has seen a spike in tourists booking flights and hotels as it prepares for the annual "420" celebration. In part April 20 celebrates marijuana becoming legal in Colorado in 2014.


April 20 has become a red later day for marijuana smokers primarily in North America. Some events on that day promote the legalization of cannabis.  

Last year was Denver's first 420 celebration. Even though it occurred on Easter Sunday, tens of thousands of tourists helped to create a cloud of marijuana smoke above the city.

Tyler Hanson, data analyst for the travel site, shares that there has been a 36 percent spike in searches for airline tickets to Denver next weekend. This figure is interesting the ski peak season has ended, according to HNGN.  

Many people wrongly assume that 420 is celebrating the birthday of dictator Adolf Hitler. Another...

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