Marijuana Extract May Reduce Seizure Frequency In Children With Severe Epilepsy

While not everyone has warmed to the idea of treating medical conditions with marijuana, research continues to emerge supporting its benefits. This applies the most, perhaps, to children with severe conditions, who may benefit just as much as adults from medical marijuana treatment — even as concerns about its effects on their developing minds and bodies arise. But a new study shows how marijuana might still be used to treat children (and adults) with untreatable epilepsy, safely and without the drug’s typical effects.

The study will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting. It found that a compound in marijuana, called cannabidiol, could reduce the number of seizures people with various severe forms of epilepsy experienced. Cannabidiol differs from other cannabinoids because it doesn’t induce the characteristic high tied to marijuana’s use. At the same time, previous research has suggested it could shrink tumors, relieve...

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