How Hillary Clinton Handles Marijuana Will Be Interesting...

As 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) continues to voice disdain for the war on drugs, it will be interesting to see whether fellow presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shifts her views on drug reform, especially since she's wavered on the issue for years.

Clinton has historically eschewed taking a definitive stand on marijuana. Though she's not anti-marijuana like presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, she's always seemed unwilling to support legalization. Over the years, she's repeatedly said that she wants to see more research conducted before she fully weighs in on the issue. 

When she first ran for president in 2007, Clinton made a vague statement on pot and said there was still much to be learned about its impact, "I don't think we should decriminalize it. But we ought to do research [into] what, if any, benefits it has." 

Five years later, Clinton said at a forum hosted by Foreign Policy magazine that...

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