High Times editor: ‘Colorado cannabis industry is an economic miracle’

High Times magazine’s New York-rooted editor-in-chief Dan Skye has spent plenty of time in Colorado researching and photographing the state’s medical and recreational systems, but his current, pre-Cannabis Cup trip to the state has been uncommonly eye-opening.

“The Colorado cannabis industry is an economic miracle,” Skye said Monday from a stop in Pueblo, where he’s meeting cannabis business owners and reporting on the state’s first-of-its-kind legalization. “Everyone in the United States is following Colorado’s lead.”

We spoke with Skye a few days before his magazine’s flagship Cannabis Cup sets up shop at the Denver Mart, and we talked about his feelings on Colorado’s “mature” marijuana industry, the changes Cup-goers should expect at this year’s expanded event and everything in between.

Six takeaways from our interview with Skye:

1. Local names becoming national names

Skye looks forward to future states going recreational, but he said Colorado businesses have a distinct...

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