Is religion exempt from the constitution in South Africa?

Johannesburg - The intersection be tween religion and constitutionalism has always been an uncomfortable one. Whether in the judicial or the political arena, one walks a tightrope in dealing with religion, especially in a constitutional democracy.

Those in public office need to be especially careful what they say about religion as they represent a multireligious society.

No one knows this better than Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, who has had to negotiate this tightrope when he had expressed his views on religion.

The chief justice is the highest judicial officer and a public declaration of his faith is bound to ruffle feathers because many could take it as an endorsement of one religion over another, and this would not bode well for a democracy.

More important, a religious judicial officer presents another significant problem on this collision course of religion and law. It raises questions of where that judicial officer will...

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