Is the bloom off the bud?

The 'green rush' appears to be over, but local medical marijuana producer taking a slow, steady approach to growth

The bloom may be off the bud from the so-called dot.bong era when there was a rush of investment dollars into the licensed medical marijuana market last spring and summer.

But Bill and John Arbuthnot -- the father and son who founded Winnipeg's only licensed medical marijuana producer, Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. -- believe there is plenty of time for patient investors to make solid returns.

One of the first group of 13 producers licensed by Health Canada in April 2014 -- there are now 17, plus an additional eight licensed for cultivation only -- Delta 9 has been working the kinks out as it grows.

Now the privately owned firm is looking to leverage its advantage of being one of the first into the market by increasing production and moving...

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