Alexis Bortell: Texas Girl Whose Seizures Cured By Cannabis Oil Becomes Medical Marijuana Advocate

Alexis Bortell is a Texas girl whose daily epileptic seizures were quelled by medical marijuana, and now she is turning into one of the state’s biggest advocates for legalized cannabis.


One year ago, Bortell was living with a condition that prevented her from living a normal life, and treatments were not making the seizures get any better.

A specialist told the Bortell family that Alexis might benefit by leaving Texas and moving to a state where she could be treated with medical marijuana.

“We’ve always said if Alexis’ health or life was in danger we would leave,” her father Dean Bortell said.

But after a serious seizure, the Bortell family decided to move to Colorado, where she responded immediately to the cannabis oil treatment.

“Since the first dose, she has not had a single symptom or seizure and we’re on day 22 now,” the family...

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