Synthetic cannabis survey reveals substance ‘causes paranoia’

SYNTHETIC cannabis made half of young Australians who tried it feel scared and paranoid, with some so badly affected they thought they were dying.

An online survey of more than 1700 people found one in five had chest pain after trying the illegal drugs, which can still be purchased in some stores flouting the law.

More than a third felt nausea and almost half felt scared and paranoid.

Other serious side-effects included seizures, loss of consciousness and repeated vomiting that was so severe they thought they would “vomit their heart out”.

One survey participant told the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre they were so scared that they thought they were drowning, leading to hours of panic.

Director of the centre, based at the University of NSW, Professor Jan Copeland, said the products were made from unknown chemicals and sprayed on plants before being packaged and smoked.

Although the drugs...

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