The People of Valencia Consume the most Marijuana and the Least Alcohol in Spain

In Valencia, there is a special love for the smoke "firecrackers" and according to recent data that have been released by the Department of Health Valenciana, has the highest average consumption of cannabis compared with other Spanish regions . However, in striking contrast with data from alcohol, in this case, consumption is lower than the Spanish average.

Data on drinking among young adolescents in Valencia says first contact is at fourteen years old. Also, the so-called "bottle" or binge drinking that happen on weekends in Valencia occurs for 9.1% compared to 15.5% nationally.

In contrast, data for marijuana consumption by the Valencian citizens is the highest among the other Spaniards, with a rate of 7.7% compared to 6.7% average consumption in Spain.

These results have been obtained from a household survey on Alcohol and Drugs conducted by the Ministry of Health and that was made between citizens of 15-64 years old. The...

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