Legal weed might help fill up Portland's new hotel rooms

Travelers who like to toke a little on their adventures may be driving up interest in states that have recently made recreational marijuana legal, including Oregon.

According to the travel website, the legalization of marijuana has helped fire up the number of hotel searches that legal states have seen.

In Colorado in 2014, for example, Denver saw a 73 percent year-over-year increase in hotel searches for check-ins during the weekend of April 20 versus 2013. reported that searches for the same weekend this year were up 60 percent over last year.

The site also noted that, even though Oregon's recreational marijuana law doesn't go into effect until July, the state has already seen a 25 percent rise in searches for stays during the first 90 days the law is in effect. Possession of small amounts of marijuana will be legal statewide on July 1.

Travel interest for Portland...

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