Video Report of the UN Drug Debate

Internationally, drug policy is at a crossroads: the debate is shifting from a paradigm based on criminalising drug users, to a more public-health-oriented approach. But is this only a change in rhetoric, or a sign of real political reform? We asked activists who have been attending the CND for several years. 


There are high expectations from civil society about the UN General Assembly on Drugs, a high-level meeting of governments that aims to discuss the world drug problem in New York next year. The last UNGASS was held in 1998 under the slogan: “A drug-free world: we can do it!” After almost 20 years, many governments feel frustrated at of the evident failure and measurable unintended consequences of this utopian strategy. But can we expect governments to discuss the alternatives to current drug policies next year? We asked participants to share their views with us. ...

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