Is there a place for dagga in medicine?

Are the medical benefits of cannabis being over-hyped? The government is looking into this at a conference about the safety and dangers of cannabis use in South Africa.

Dagga may have some medicinal qualities, but are the benefits of legalising it in South Africa worthwhile?

This is up for discussion at a two-day event by the Department of Social Development and the Central Drug Authority (CDA) taking place in Benoni on Thursday.

The discussion is expected to inform the South African Position Paper on Cannabis and will look at:

- the pros and cons of the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and research,
- implications of the bio-psychosocial aspects of cannabis,
- religious perspective on cannabis use,
- cultural or traditional perspective on cannabis use,
- cannabis use and economic implications, as well as
- the legal perspective on decriminalisation versus criminalisation of cannabis


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