Grand Rapids man gets national attention for essay comparing marijuana laws to prohibition

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - As the tide seems to be turning toward the legalization of marijuana, a 26-year-old Grand Rapids man has written an award-winning treatise on what we should have learned from the dismantling of alcohol prohibition 80 years ago.

Timothy Cuffman, an accountability analyst for National Heritage Academies and graduate of NorthPointe Christian High School, was the winner of the annual essay contest sponsored by the Center for Alcohol Policy, an advocacy group based outside of Washington D.C.

"I've seen first-hand the social and personal costs of the prohibition of marijuana," Cuffman said regarding his decision to enter the contest.

Cuffman holds a master's degree in philosophy from Stony Brook University's Manhattan campus and also attended Cedarville University in Ohio.

In his essay, Cuffman explores the many parallels between the repeal of the 18th Amendment which federally prohibited the making, sale and transport of alcohol and...

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