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Europe Cannabis: "Morocco" is "out" - "Indoor" is "in"

As for the European market for cannabis (EMCDDA), according to the result of the EU drugs agency in Lisbon in recent years there is a major change: "Morocco" is virtually "out", "indoor" plantations are "in". The Cannabis plants are increasingly grown locally for the local market. This is especially dangerous for those behind the smuggling are bypassed.

The numbers have changed little in recent years. For example, 24 percent of the Viennese have at least once consumed hemp products, 13 percent within the past three years, six percent in the last 30 days. This is what the "drug monitoring study" found in the past year.

Consumption pervades all age groups

1993, only five percent of respondents reported at least one use of hashish or cannabis, in 2003 it was 16 per cent, then in 2011 was 21 percent. The use of cannabis, formerly begun by the youth of the 1968...

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