Duluth City Council may tighten restrictions on medical marijuana

Come Monday, the Duluth City Council could adopt an ordinance designating where medical marijuana growing  operations or dispensaries are allowed to set up shop in the future.Alternatively, city councilors could opt to amend the proposed ordinance, effectively shrinking the zone in which marijuana operations could locate.Although he was absent from Thursday’s agenda session meeting, 5th District Councilor Jay Fosle has proposed the city increase the required setback from residential developments.The Duluth Planning Commission called for a minimum setback of 200 feet in a motion that passed by a 6-1 vote last month. But Fosle would boost the setback requirement to 1,500 feet and would make it apply to any area with a housing density of more than one unit per five acres.“In talking to Councilor Fosle today, he mentioned that he wanted to preserve or protect as much of the residential areas of the city as possible,” said Keith Hamre, ...

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