With eight plants you can solve 80% of health problems

Chlorine dioxide cured in three days Ebola and malaria in hours. But here it is not allowed to be used on humans

He is a 'peasant'. That is, a farmer, a Catalan horticulturist who has moved from the family business to being dedicated to filling halls throughout Spain. Hundreds of people attend his talks and lectures on nutrition, health and plants.

How do you convert a 'peasant' to somebody followed by hundreds of people?
I've always been into social trouble, but never in any party. At one point I discovered a plant, 'Stevia rebaudiana', defended by parents of children who died in the United States because of aspartame, a sweetener. I wonder then how can it be prohibited what heals. And I realize that I was deceived for years thinking that products used for the garden were the best.

Who is responsible for this deception?
I do not...

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